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As Alienation Recruitment work on several roles throughout its recruitment processes; we always have initiated with having real observation on number of CV that we receive consistently. Since this always helped us achieve jobs for our candidates and replicated on our clients’ bases; we have continued progressing in right direction.

Although at times it might feel as if there is no need for you to submit your CV to any Recruitment Agencies; Alienation Recruitment would like to elaborate its way of doing things is totally reliable and wonderfully different then all other Recruitment Agencies in this sense. We appreciate each upload CV and embrace their submission to us as we go on looking for your perfect job.

Candidates that used Upload CV

Most of our candidates felt that we kept in touch with them since they have uploaded their CV unless they asked for withdrawal. This is based on our survey result of December 2021  of candidates that have used upload CV option. Almost 88% of our candidates have trust in our consistent search for their ideal jobs. 7% of these have mentioned they have found a role suitable for them. About 5% from these have either withdrawn job search from us or have not responded to the survey.

To attach your CV simply fill up the form below with an up to date CV. You can always update your CV later on and resubmit if you prefer to. For example; once an old CV was attached and later on you searching for jobs again with us; you can resubmit a new updated CV.