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For work as Recruitment Agencies; we always help. Market has been very vulnerable lately since pandemic. It resulted in Recruitment Agencies becoming pretty exhausted in terms of their available candidates. And without a doubt pandemic of such a scale did not help. Agencies thus suffered immensely. Some collaborating with others for survival. Others have taken routes change entirely such as either market change to particular most established clients only. This resulted into more vulnerability in terms of how people have continued searching for jobs and how clients have been seeing the market.

With Pandemic Recruitment has been totally scrutinized. This is where Recruitment organizations have shut down. Many agencies went down due to continuous effort in trying to figure out whether market is supporting them at all. Some due to being over zealous in how things suddenly open and shut during this whole pandemic. Of course pandemic of this sort was never seen before. Hence it was difficult to understand the market trends. Occasionally; totally relying on current market trends Recruitment misled themselves into bankruptcy.

Just before pandemic; was Brexit. This resulted into initiation of tough market situation for construction industry in particular. It also led to many other workers leaving UK for good. It alongside did leave behind a massive hole for various industries throughout UK. Then came a time to chase what has come around in the first instance. It resulted into more backfiring as pandemic cropped up. As pandemic kept locking all back; many still suffered through it. Specially Recruitment agencies and main contractors have had toughest period of their businesses ever history could have recorded.

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This is exactly the time when Alienation Recruitment stepped up. Any Recruitment Agency generally would not take that sort of risk. But Alienation walked into Recruitment agencies market to do everything differently ever since. Empty spaces within market due to lack of Recruitment agencies was to be covered. And Alienation did exactly that. Mid-2021 with Resourcers of over a decade of database with them; Alienation resumed filling up the gaps.

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With Recruitment always been our top priority; our ways to recruit has been very much open information and knowledge sharing throughout about each vacancy. As we do that; individuals searching for jobs get full knowledge of the jobs. This also give an open and true idea of which job they have chosen for their next role. Hence; it gives us total utility that we do not get taken as wrong information provider at all regarding any job placements. Recruitment is not something we do for the sake of it. It is something we as Recruitment Agencies live by to replicate best results for our candidates.

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