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Kitchen Assistant Job In Leeds

Kitchen Assistant Job In Leeds

Title: kitchen assistant

Days: Monday to Friday

Start date: ASAP

Timings: 8am-5pm

Pay-rate: £8-£8.40 per hour

Location: Bournemouth

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  • We are looking for efficient kitchen assistant

Kitchen Assistant

Alienation-recruitment agency is looking for efficient kitchen assistant who helps the kitchen members in the kitchen and is responsible for the cleanliness. Kitchen assistants are responsible for cleaning the kitchen, carrying out basic food preparation tasks, and ensuring that chefs have everything they need. From mopping floors to cleaning the stoves and to make sure even the walls of the kitchen are kept clean. Kitchen assistant sometimes also give help to chefs as well. They should have good ability of understanding the instructions and follow them. Kitchen assistant must have high standard of hygiene and should maintain the hygiene properly. Customer service Is also one of the salient features of kitchen assistant. Kitchen assistant should be able to work under the supervision of senior staff. Kitchen assistant have to make sure that the food preparation area is clean.


  • Disposal of garbage.
  • Must be good in helping other kitchen member by chopping, cutting, washing, peeling, and cooking small food ingredients for.
  • Should maintained a positive attitude and energy level to create and sustain a fun and enjoyable environment for guests and employees.
  • Preparing the tables, for new customers and prepped and prepared side items for main entrees.
  • Storing, sorting and distributing the ingredients.
  • Assist the catering manager to manage, prepare, cook and deliver each day caterings.
  • Provide respectful communication and assessment of residents needs during meal deliveries.
  • Demonstrate exceptional verbal and written communication skills with understanding needs and presenting solutions in a fast pace environment.
  • Prepare food and drinks and maintain cleanliness and order in the kitchen.
  • Quickly rinse out the dishes and placing them back in their right orders and positions.

Qualification and Requirements

  • Must have exceptional verbal communication skills are also important.
  • A high school diploma is must.
  • Any prior experience is also considerable if you don’t have any diploma.
  • Having an experience in any catering agency is also very helpful in getting this job.
  • You should have great patience level and must be adaptable.
  • You should know the basic concepts of English so that you can easily communicate with people who have language barriers problems.

If interested; Feel free to contact us at the number given below: 01495707255.

Alternatively send your cv to: Alienation-recruitment.co.uk.