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Healthcare Temporary Jobs Birmingham

Care Managers Jobs in Bournemouth

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Healthcare temporary jobs Birmingham

We are in search of top healthcare professionals in Birmingham city. We want to hire an employee that has almost more than one year of experience in the healthcare industry. We are having flexible working options. An employee with a professional working attitude will always get a positive response from the client-side. During the health care job in Birmingham, an employee might ask to work for 10 hours shift. You can check out the desired job description for the healthcare job below.

Job responsibilities of a Temporary Healthcare Worker

  • Responsible to provide support to senior and nursing staff
  • Observe, access, and respond to all patient needs
  • Must have good communication and working skills
  • Prepare and maintain all patients record
  • Good organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Always keep calm in under pressure work
  • Preference for experienced candidates ( must have 6 months of experience)
  • Always eager to learn new things
  • Maintain professional ethics and true workplace ethics

Why Work With Us

Healthcare workers are an essential part of our company. We always love to hire them for a longer time. There are so many benefits and assistances we deliver to our workers. We provide them with job training to enhance their overall working. We also offer long-term benefits to our workers. There is no denying the fact that, we love our workers, and always want them to be their families when it required. Here are our top benefits.

  • We provide weekly payroll
  • Peaceful environment for the employees
  • Referral scheme for the workers
  • On job training and employee meetups
  • Free of cost uniform for each employee
  • Healthcare coupled with insurance plans

Rules and Regulations for Health Care Temporary Jobs in Birmingham

You must not possess any criminal record. In case if you have, then you must state it at the time of your interview. Otherwise, the company will take strict action against you.

If interested; please get in touch with us 01495 707255 – Alternatively, send your CV to jobs@alienation-recruitment.co.uk

You can contact us any time, 24/7. We will surely resolve your query.