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Groundworker Temoprary Job

Ground Worker Job in Glasgow

Days: Monday to Friday

Start date: ASAP

Timings: 8am-5pm

Pay-rate: £8-£12 per hour

Location: Leeds.

Alienation-recruitment agency’s main aim is to succor job seekers and employers to get their jobs and to post about them. We act as a two-way bridge between those who are seeking a job and those who want to create a job. We give our full time to search for the right person for the right job without any personal interest. We are making efforts and time to make easy ways for you. If you feel tired of uploading your cv and resumes at different online platforms and not getting any positive response so this is the best way for you to apply and get hired.


Our construction company is looking for a ground-worker in London who should be a multi-tasker as well. A Ground-worker must have prior experience as this is not a small job or simple task. Should have a sharp mind so that it can sometimes elucidate the designing and drawing of construction work. Should flexible in work and know some basic numeric techniques. The job of a Groundworker is not that ordinary it requires a sturdy mind and strong body. By working with the contractors of our company you will be able to learn various techniques and construction work.

Groundworker job is very much interesting for people who like and prefer outdoor work. Should have good communication skills so that he can understand logical and critical discussions. Sometimes, companies will offer to take on a trainee groundworker, without previous experience. The trainee will work alongside an experienced groundworker learning all aspects of the trade while undergoing study within a college in an apprenticeship scheme. If our company constructors find your work good and reliable you may have a chance of becoming permanent in our company or a permanent member of our constructor team. So if you want to work outside or say outdoor this will be the best opportunity for you to land your dream job.



  • Should prepare the ground for the construction of the building.
  • Is responsible for drainage, curb, and channel, and flagging.
  • If any logistical issue occurs should set up a site or deal in a good way.
  • Mark out the area for the site using string lines strung between stakes.
  • Should be capable of understanding and reading the bar bending schedules.
  • Must have a diploma in relevant work. Or any other short course.


Tools Required:

As well as a high visibility vest, safety hat, and safety boots, ground-workers are required to bring their own tools. Other tools like hammers etc. will be provided by the company.

Company policies and Rules:

  • Companies make rules for the ease of everyone. Should follow the rules of the company and try not to violate them.
  • Should not have any criminal record. In case of any criminal record company will take strict action.

You can also get extra bonuses or incentives if you are willing to do overtime.

If interested; please get in touch with us 01495 707255
Alternatively, send your CV to jobs@alienation-recruitment.co.uk