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Construction Temporary Jobs In Abertillery

Construction temporary jobs In Abertillery

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Construction Temporary Jobs In Abertillery

We have so many available vacant positions for temporary construction jobs in Abertillery. If you already working somewhere and wants to work more, then it’s your opportunity. Although it’s a temporary job, the company can offer you full-time employment, if you work well. This is a construction worker job, so you must have to work at different time intervals. There will be only one holiday in a week. There are lots of part-time labourer jobs available in Abertillery. You can consider all of these as well. These jobs are also related to construction sector jobs.

Job Descriptions for Construction Job

Below you can check out the important responsibilities and job descriptions of this construction-related job.

  • The employee must have a previous work history
  • Employment should be on a contractual basis
  • Better to have some mathematical knowledge
  • Teaching qualifications are strongly recommended
  • The candidate must be a professional worker
  • Have Capability of working within teams and with managers
  • Always eager to learn new working techniques
  • Professional behavior on the job
  • Willing to adopt change
  • Possess a problem-solving attitude

The Benefits You Will Get

We provide some awesome work facilities to all of our temporary construction workers. We have some great working benefits for all of our employees. Most of the time we offer flexible working hours. There will be no job stress for the temporary construction employees. We will give competitive pay to all the workers. Here is the list of our top benefits.

  • Health benefits along with insurance plans
  • On job training and meetups
  • Best working environment
  • No job stress

Rules and Regulations for Construction Jobs in Abertillery

You must not possess any criminal record. In case if you have, then you must state it at the time of your interview. Otherwise, the company will take strict action against you.

If interested; please get in touch with us 01495 707255 – Alternatively, send your CV to jobs@alienation-recruitment.co.uk

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