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Civil Engineer Jobs in Abertillery

Civil Engineer Jobs in Abertillery

Days: Monday to Friday

Start Date: ASAP

Timings: 8am-5pm

Pay-rate: £8-£12 per hour

Location: Abertillery

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Civil Engineer Jobs in Abertillery

Civil clients in Abertillery are looking forward to highly professional Civil Engineer. If you are still doing your civil or construction degree and want to learn actual working knowledge, then this job is for you. The job is for those who already search many Civil Engineer Jobs near me but didn’t get a job yet. You can consider it as Civil Engineer Jobs Abertillery. Do must apply for the job if you already have experience. On the other hand, if you don’t have any expertise in this field we can give you some important training. One thing is pretty much clear that, you must follow the rules and regulations of UK.

Civil Engineer Job Descriptions and Work Responsibilities

As a Civil Engineer, you need to perform the following tasks on your job.

  • A well-mannered and professional behavior at job
  • Must  have a construction/ civil degree coupled with Civil Engineer  experience
  • Answering construction clients queries and receive their feedback about the site
  • Documentation of all construction work for quality assurance purposes
  • Coordinating with others departments to ensure customer’s satisfaction
  • Always willing to cooperate with the construction team

Benefits for Civil Engineer Employees

Our clients are among the top-of-the-line Civil Engineer/Construction Companies in Abertillery. We care about our employees and workers. There will be no job stress or job pressure on you while when you do the Civil Engineer work. Here are our top benefits.

  • Employee assistant program for better work implementation
  • Bonuses and highly competitive salary packages
  • Market competitive Civil Engineer  Salary
  • Leadership, training, and support throughout the professional work
  • The best work environment for the medical employees
  • Shift switching options for part-time Civil Engineer job employees
  • Premium Headspace Membership ( Meditation and Wellbeing)
  • Professional and peaceful environment

Rules and Regulations for Civil Engineer Job in Abertillery

You must not possess any criminal record. In case if you have, then you must state it at the time of your interview. Otherwise, the company will take strict action against you.

If interested; please get in touch with us 01495 707255 – Alternatively, send your CV to jobs@alienation-recruitment.co.uk

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