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Hospitality Jobs


Hospitality Jobs

Alienation Recruitment is one of the pioneer in providing various staff including hospitality jobs. As many organisations seek to recover from pandemic troubles; most will be seeking for hospitality jobs straight away. These staff is always not as easy to be able to place. As staff is difficult to find since Brexit.

This is where Alienation Recruitment can and does help. With clients throughout London; Portsmouth; Leeds; Leicester; Birmingham; etc. there is no shortage of staff availability. This is due to the number of people looking into work post pandemic in particular in hospitality jobs.

Seeking Staff for Hospitality Jobs

If you seek staff in hospitality jobs anywhere in Cardiff; Edinburgh; Devon; Newport; Newcastle; etc. we have to be your first point of contact. Since we do not only supply staff but ensure their experience and skills matches the talent pool you seek; our staff turnover remains the best.

With staff of over a million throughout UK; there is no shortfall of we can achieve for your organisation. This is bound to be your best bid to achieve staff for hospitality jobs. You will never be disappointed.

Staff Available for Hospitality Jobs

Kind of staff available with Alienation Recruitment at all times includes many. Some of these are chefs; waiters; runners; housekeepers; room attendants; cleaners; receptionists; front of house assistants; assistant managers; managers; etc. So if you find it difficult in getting that post recruited for; we can do that for you without a shadow of a doubt. Give us a call now and see for yourself the adventurous staff we have always available.

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Pizza Chef Job in Bournemouth

Pizza Chef Job in Bournemouth

Title: Pizza Chef

Days: Monday to Friday

Start date: ASAP

Timings: 8am-5pm

Pay-rate: £8-£8.40 per hour

Location: Bournemouth

AR Hiring agency’s main aim is to succor job seekers and employers to get their jobs and to post about them. We act as a two way, bridge between those who are looking for a job and who wants to create a job. Give our full time to search for the right person for the right job without any personal interest. We are making efforts and time to make easy ways for you. If you feel tired of uploading your CV and resumes at different online platform and not getting any positive response so this is the best way for you to apply and get hired.

Pizza Chef Job in Bournemouth

Alienation-recruitment agency is looking for the best pizza chef in town. Baking is one of the most stupendous jobs in the world. Even if you are a foodie or not pizza is something that you cannot say no to. Baking is fun doing job people who are passionate about baking and have exceptional baking skills are preferable for this kind of job. A Pizza chef must know how to bake a pizza that tastes unique and delicious.

Skills for Pizza Chef in Bournemouth

  • You should have experience with various pizza types.
  • Pizza Chefs responsibilities include preparing pizza dough, slicing and chopping toppings like vegetables and meats, and executing customer’s orders considering special requests.
  • Preparing pizzas that are there on our menu list. And also should be able to bake pizza according to customer’s need.
  • Baking a wide variety of pizza doughs, including thin and thick crust, cheese-stuffed.
  • Making fresh pizza sauces, tomato, and white sauces.
  • Pizza chef in Bournemouth have to work with the other kitchen staff members to bake pizzas in a modern and traditional way for both modern and traditional customers.
  • Client satisfaction is our utmost responsibility.
  • Usage of vegan cheese and gluten-free flour so that a larger amount of modern customers can be attracted easily.
  • Feel free to recommend new recipes to our staff members.
  • Should be familiar with professional kitchen equipment and must know how to use the brick oven.
  • Cook appetizers like garlic bread, salads, and pizza bytes, etc.

Job Requirements

  • Should have a diploma from culinary school. Or have experience of working in great cafes and restaurants.
  • Should be flexible enough for working in night and day shifts and also on weekends.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Should be aware of allergic reactions ingredients, So that customer’s health will not be at risk.
  • Hygiene should be maintained.
  • Must not have any criminal record and not be involved in bad activities.
  • The quality of the stuff matters try not use any bad recipes in kitchen and must be aware of customer’s choices.

If interested; feel free to contact us at the number given below: 01495707255

Alternatively send your CV to: jobs@alienation-recruitment.co.uk