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Recruitment Process

Employee recruitment is the core function of any recruitment company. It is also known as hiring workers. This happens because the complete recruitment process is comprehensive. This process also involves many steps. Alienation Recruitment uses important techniques and standard procedures to hire professional employees for their client’s business. It does not matter whatever industry it could be related to.

An effective hiring mechanism is a step-by-step process that can take time to complete. It is not as easy as it seems. Accordingly, Alienation Recruitment uses precise and result-oriented mechanisms to achieve the expected result. Hence, we offer temporary staffing as well as permanent staffing as recruiters. The significant steps of this recruitment process are as follows.

Identification of Vacant Position For Recruitment Process

The first step involves the realization of a vacant position from the client side. Hence, we will start with an example.

Let’s suppose a client’s business is related to warehouse management. This is where the position related to warehouse operative becomes vacant. This is when the client will inform the recruitment company to start looking for a worker for their warehouse. So the first step will be completed as follows.

  • Identification of the vacant job
  • Communication to recruitment agency about the position

Devise a Staffing Plan for the Hiring

As the transfer of the requirements to the employment agency, the agency starts working to fill out the position for the client. Hiring services providers complete the job descriptions and terms of the job vacancy of the client. They then start working on the advertisement. The job description will also include the salary range and other benefits. The second step will complete as follows.

  • Gathering information about the job descriptions and work terms
  • Writing down the important job features
  • Adverting the job through an ad

Gathering Applications from Potential Candidates

Alienation Recruitment will post the job ad on various online and offline platforms. This only happens if we do not have suitable candidates available in the area requested by clients. Applicants will apply for the job through CV submissions via emails. This is when Alienation Recruitment will use a reliable applicant tracking system. It will evaluate the previous performance of the applicants. Their hiring professionals will evaluate the applicant’s data and compare it to get results. The third step will complete as follows.

  • Gathering CV submission records
  • Evaluating the applicant’s record
  • Use of ATS (Applicant tracking system)

Phone Calls/ Initial Screening 

On behalf of the clients, Alienation Recruitment makes calls to the candidates. The process involves the initial screening through a call interview. Phone call interviews help to hire firms narrow down the list of potential applicants and ask them for the final interview. The fourth step will be completed as follows:

  • Make phone calls to potential applicants
  • Make a list of candidates for a physical interview

Interview and Assessment of Applicants

The selected candidates get asked for the physical interviews assessments. On the specific date and time, the Recruitment Company schedules physical interviews. This is when technical and work-related assessments take place. Based on the interview results, candidates were finalised. The Recruitment firm communicates the results of the interview to the respective client. The fifth step includes the following:

  • Technical & work-related assessments
  • Final listings of the potential candidates
  • Providing information to clients
  • Decisive Steps to Hiring Best Talent

Background Checks

Alienation Recruitment always performs background checks before making any final decision about the candidate selection. Here they verify the certifications, degrees, and candidate character. They also check the social media accounts of final potential candidates. After this, the final decision about the candidate selection takes place. Thereafter, the final decision about the hiring gets communicated to clients and applicants. This step includes the following:

  • Background checks of the candidate’s work history
  • Selection decision of the right candidate

Onboarding at Job

This is when the final selection of the best candidate job offer letters get sent to the chosen candidate. This process also includes the negotiations of salary and other important benefits. After negotiations, they are hired once the candidate accepts the job offer. The employee then meets with the client to start working on their job. The steps include the following:

  • Job offer
  • Negotiations about benefits
  • Job Onboarding

 About Alienation Recruitment

Alienation Recruitment is the pioneer permanent/temporary staffing agency. Helpful for both employers and jobseekers. We make it easy for you to get your dream job. We work as a bridge between jobseekers and employers. This is the point when Alienation Recruitment makes sure that candidates get hired immediately and without any hassle.

If you are tired of seeking a job and uploading your CV on different platforms, you must try our most efficient and effective recruiting services. You will always get a positive response whether you are an employer or a jobseeker. We are the leading recruitment platform in the UK. Daily thousands of jobseekers and employers visit our platform for their dream job and the perfect resource for their business.

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