How We Work?

How We Work?

At Alienation Recruitment, we put people first and understand employers as well as employees. Using our analytic skills to fully understand needs, we pool our experience and knowledge of people, life, and the work world. Our goal is to create an environment where our clients and candidates feel at ease. We take the time to listen to what the client requires, not just what they say.

Work of Alienation Recruitment

The business of Alienation Recruitment started with a simple passion, so very seldom found these days…a passion to deliver to our clients and candidates what we wish we received. No matter what your needs are…whether it’s recruiting a first employee for your company, replacing someone in your team, planning an expansion or hiring temporary staff; or, starting, building, evolving, or back shifting your career…we’ve got you covered. Alienation Recruitment recruiting agency precisely matches workers to their ideal job. Whether it’s a temporary or a permanent job, we will help you find out the best one. We are listed as one of the most efficient recruitment agencies in London. Our top area of expertise includes the following.

  1. Construction
  2. Hospitality
  3. Admin
  4. IT
  5. Retail/Customer Services
  6. Catering and Hospitality
  7. Office Assistants
  8. Finance, and many more

Over the past ten years, we provide some outstanding job openings to job seekers across each industry vertical. We are the first choice of employers that seek staff as well as employees who are looking for their next dream job.

How Things Happen Here?

We always follow a certain process to connect experienced, skilled, and talented jobseekers with their employers. If you are in search of a job opportunity, then you must send us your CV or register with us. The following is how we determine who is the best-suited resource for the job.

  • Perfect job Matching

Businesses always look for accurate job descriptions for each job in demand. Due to all these clients, it is almost impossible to search for and select the best candidate on your own. Jobseekers in London get far more opportunities than in Wales on Alienation Recruitment.

  • Immediate Search Option

Jobseekers and employers get the instant search results of their queries. In short, any employer with a tiny fee can hire his desired complete team within 24/48 hours.

  • No Upfront Charges

As Awesome and Alienation provide completely free services for candidates; it does not charge any fees to jobseekers. Even our clients are subject to a minimum fee for our recruitment service. This is an awesome and alienated difference unheard of and unfound before.

  • Across Industry Verticals

We provide outstanding job recruiting and hiring services across every industry. Our experts have access to a wide range of job openings and industries looking to hire an employee. So we constantly become able to promote what we believe in as one of the top things to do. Recruit!

Why Choose Alienation Recruitment?

We are not an average recruitment agency by any means. Our core work is to make sure that organisations and firms all over get the best talent. Almost all the jobseekers who recently got the job with our platform were extremely satisfied with it. We provide here with the top benefits of our services:

  • Nationwide Outreach

The top benefit of our recruitment is that it doesn’t work locally. We joined forces with Awesome Recruitment in London for that reason, this is so that we provide our recruiting and hiring service everywhere in the country. We make sure that you get your dream job through us.

  • Higher Return On Our Selection

Recruiting with us is a higher return on investment because we are the best. We help jobseekers to get their dream job in London and other areas such as Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, etc.

  • Working With Top-Notch Clients

Alienation Recruitment is always proud to work with top-of-the-line industry clients. Small and large-scale businesses always love to work with us. They can trust the fact that we hold the complete data of all sorts of jobseekers. We first check out compatibility and then ask employers to select a specific jobseeker.

  • Have Diverse Experience In Job Searching

We can gladly say that we have contacts with all the clients and industry hiring managers, to cater to all the needs of their HR department. You can belong to any industry e.g. hospitality, construction, accounting, finance, or academics. Employers or employees from any industry can contact us for any query related to their sector.

Candidate Selection Process As To How We Work

The candidate’s selection process is completely authentic and result-oriented as we aim to only hire highly talented and skilled employees who have the complete experience of working in a professional environment for the role they applied in. This is how we work.

Our selection process includes the following simple yet the most efficient process.

Determine The Qualification

As renowned as the best recruitment services provider company in the UK, we thoroughly check the qualification of job seekers before allocating their interviews and job calls. All the candidates have been carefully scrutinised to check whether their qualification is up to the mark.

Comprehensive Interview Process

Any job seeker who applies on our recruiting website has to go through with a complete interview. This helps businesses and clients to determine the knowledge and credibility of an employee. With this, they can easily evaluate the credibility and character of the employee.

Vetting Procedures

Reference checks are important. Alienation Recruitment always emphasises checking out the references provided to them by the jobseekers. This is to ensure that there is nothing hidden that is unknown before any person starts a new role. A reference in the job application always provides insight into the candidate’s previous record. It also helps in establishing the suitability; work ethics; character; etc of the applicant.

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