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We would be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding our services. We make sure that each client that does contact us gets his or her goal of perfect staff fulfilled by our top-class extraordinary recruitment agency as a temp agency. Our Resourcers and Consultants start working as soon as you contact us.

We are available through email 24/7. Your queries related to placements and job adverts always get appreciated.

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Frequently Asked Questions Before Contacting Us

Do check out our frequently asked questions before sending us a message.

  • How Alienation Recruitment Works?

The process of Alienation Recruitment is completely simple. The jobseekers just have to upload their information along with their cv on our database. Employers need to get in touch for the best talent available in their required location. This enhances the hiring possibility of the most experienced and talented individuals in required roles for these organisations.

  • Payment Methods

The recruiting service is completely free of cost. The employers have to pay once the placement has taken place. As a result; it would give them a perfect idea of the way it is going to be. It would also mean that the hiring organisation has hired an individual to be able to pay towards the work done by this perfect match they have chosen.

  • What Happens After Uploading Your CV

Once any jobseeker uploads his/her CV, the hiring manager(s) check out the applicant’s CV. This is the time when they seek to see any opportunities nearby in that area to get in touch with him/her straight away. If something is available for the suited person; (s)he gets contacted immediately to get to sort out vetting procedures. Then these get called for an interview once provided with initial information.

We also use ATS; the most modern frequent system that keeps on running regularly to get the best-experienced individuals out for the jobs that we get from our clients. This results in us having the best ideal workers available in case we do not get to find them ourselves by searching through the CV database. Also, it helps us keep in touch with reality on the ground comparing it to the market situation at all times.